Wholesale License for Medicines and Medical Devices

Aurora2222 d.o.o. possesses a licence for the wholesale of medicines and medical devices – import, export, supply, sale, storage and exclusive distribution of medicines and medical devices issued by Serbian Ministry of Health, in accordance with GDP.

1. Decision number for Wholesale Distribution of Medicines: 515-04-01735 / 2020 from 25th of May 2020.
(Latest revision)

2. Decision number for Wholesale of Medical Devices: 515-04-01736 / 2020 from 25th of May 2020.
(Latest revision)

Business Register Agency entry in the Register of the bidders

Decision on entry in the Register to the bidder of the Business Register Agency – BPN 3861/2015 dated 29th of September 2015.

QMS certificate issued by TUV Austria

Companies reputation certificates

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