Company history

Foundation of Company

Company was founded in July 2013.

Obtained a WDL

The company was issued a wholesale dealers license by competent Authority - Ministry of Health. Guidelines for good practice in the distribution of human medicines have been adopted pursuant to Article 84 and Article 85 (b) (3) of Directive 2001/83 / EC and brought by Serbian MoH and published in “R Serbia Official Gazette” in 2016 but the Ministry is not issuing separate GDP certificate, by issuing WDL it is understood that wholesaler operates in accordance with GDP guidelines.

Establishment of strong portfolio

Through depth market analysis the company identified niche pharma products for placement on the market, with the focus on oncology and orphan drugs. Company completed registation in the register of bidders within the Serbian Bussines Registers Agency.

First supply and implementation of QMS

The company signed agreements with the most eminent health care centres in Belgrade and throughout Serbia. Started distribution to end users and also obtained and implemented ISO:9001 2008 QMS standard.

Porfolio and therapeutic area expansion

The company expanded therapeutic areas in which it is present to: haematology, cardiology, neurology, infectious diseases, anaesthesia, gastroenterology and psychiatry.

Extended reach in medicines supply

The company realised it’s first supplies to the neighbouring markets. Completed implementation of ISO:9001 2015 QMS standard.

Introduction of new generic medicines

Company successfully introduced new generic brand of medicine that treats brain tumours and cancers that have spread elsewhere in the body (metastatic brain tumours), types of cancer that originate from white blood cells (Hodgkin’s lymphoma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas) and is also used as a “conditioning” treatment before transplantation of the patients own haematopoietic progenitor cells. Another new generic brand medication that is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis was also placed on the market.

Distribution of an orphan drug

The company began with distribution of targeted cancer immunotherapy, innovative and original medicine used for the treatment of high risk neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer arising from neural crest cells, the most frequently-occurring solid tumour in infants under the age of one. This innovative medicine that is becoming standard care in the treatment of high risk neuroblastoma is now also available in Serbia, it is a vital step forward in the treatment of young children with this aggressive type of cancer. The company became member of Group of pharmaceutical wholesalers within Serbian Chamber of Commerce, which has the status of full member of GIRP- the European Healthcare Distribution Association.

Combatting COVID-19: Innovative therapeutic and diagnostic solutions for rapid detection and prevention

With the emergence of global pandemic, the company focused on finding therapeutic and diagnostic solutions to relieve the burden of transmission of the COVID-19 virus. In addition to the introduction of certain therapies used in the COVID-19 protocols, the company became marketing authorization holder of innovative test kits, for the rapid detection COVID-19 infection, the first of their kind to be approved for self-testing in the market. The company introduced a brand of BCG vaccine, which is used for the treatment of existing bladder tumours and for the prophylaxis of recurrence. This immunotherapy is applied after transurethral resection of superficial tumors with the aim of preventing recurrence. Therapy is very deficient in the country, and irregular application of this therapy can increase the chance of disease recurrence.

Glutathione therapy and bringing experts together to advance neuroblastoma treatment

The company began with distribution of glutathione therapy that helps patients whose tissue and intracellular levels of endogenous glutathione have been reduced by chemotherapy drugs, exacerbating the tumor condition caused by oxidative stress. Preclinical and clinical studies have demonstrated the protective role of glutathione in many pathological situations that cause cellular damage. In the same year, the company imports and distributes nationwide a therapy that reduces the incidence of hemorrhagic cystitis caused by the action of cyclophosphamide and ifosfamide. The therapy helps protect the bladder lining from the harmful effects of these two drugs, which the body breaks down into substances that can damage the bladder. The company sponsored an expert meeting in Belgrade, where the main topic was treatment of neuroblastoma in children with domestic and international experts, where the latest research results in this field were presented and previous experiences were shared in order to improve the future application of the therapy for this rare disease.